Departing Deans - Listed Alphabetically by School (13)

Law School Name
Arkansas (Fayetteville)--University of Arkansas School of Law
Dean Nance plans to retire after a new dean is installed.
Nance, Cynthia
Dayton--University of Dayton School of Law
Dean Strauss will move to the Dayton School of Law faculty after ending his deanship.
Strauss, Andrew
Drake University Law School
Dean Anderson will return to the law faculty following his deanship.
Anderson, Jerry
Emory University School of Law
Dean Bobinski will leave her deanship at the end of her term in the summer of 2024 and return to the faculty at Emory Law.
Bobinski, Mary Anne
Fordham University School of Law
Dean Diller will return to the law faculty after his deanship.
Diller, Matthew
Illinois--University of Illinois College of Law
Will return to her former position as Associate Dean and Professor of Law.
Winship, Verity
Michigan--University of Michigan Law School
Dean West's term ends August 31, 2023
West, Mark
Mitchell Hamline School of Law
Dean Niedwiecki will return to the faculty at Mithcell Hamline Law.
Niedwiecki, Anthony
Quinnipiac University School of Law
Will move to the law faculty.
Brown, Jennifer Gerada
St. John's University School of Law
Dean Simons plans to leave his deanship at the end of the Academic Year 2023-24 and return to the Law Faculty following a research leave.
Simons , Michael A.
Syracuse University College of Law
Dean Boise will move to the law school faculty.
Boise, Craig M.
Washington University in St. Louis School of Law
Dean Osgood will step down from his deanship on June 30, 2024.
Osgood, Russell K.
Wyoming--University of Wyoming College of Law
Dean Alexander will rejoin the Wyoming faculty after his deanship.
Alexander, Klint