Incoming Law Deans - Deans Designate

These individuals have been named to assume the deanship of the schools listed below with the starting date shown.

Name Law School Start Date
Abramovsky, Aviva Idaho--University of Idaho College of Law 2024-06-10
Triantis, George Stanford Law School 2024-06-17
Hill, Julie Wyoming--University of Wyoming College of Law 2024-06-28
Dobbins, Jeffrey Willamette University College of Law 2024-06-30
Gallini, Brian Quinnipiac University School of Law 2024-06-30
Kendrick, Leslie Virginia--University of Virginia School of Law 2024-06-30
Counseller, Jeremy Baylor University School of Law 2024-07-01
Davidson, Camille Mitchell Hamline School of Law 2024-07-01
Fairfax, Jr., Roger A. Howard University School of Law 2024-07-01
Freer, Richard D. Emory University School of Law 2024-07-01
Hughes, Heather American University Washington College of Law 2024-07-01
Jones, Jr., Roscoe Drake University Law School 2024-07-01
Kalb, Johanna San Francisco--University of San Francisco School of Law 2024-07-01
Kelly, Daniel B. St. Thomas University College of Law 2024-07-01
Landau, Joseph "Joe" Fordham University School of Law 2024-07-01
Lindquist, Stefanie Washington University in St. Louis School of Law 2024-07-01
Reed, LaVonda N. Baltimore--University of Baltimore School of Law 2024-07-01
Roberts, Jenny Hofstra University Maurice A. Deane School of Law 2024-07-01
Rose, Paul Case Western Reserve University School of Law 2024-07-01
Washington, Alvin Southern University Law Center 2024-07-01
Weich, Ronald Seton Hall University School of Law 2024-07-01
Carpenter, Anna E. Oklahoma--University of Oklahoma College of Law 2024-07-15
Burke, Marcilynn A. Tulane University Law School 2024-08-05
Lau, Terrence Syracuse University College of Law 2024-08-05
Barnett, Kent Ohio State University (The), Michael E. Moritz College of Law 2024-08-15
Parry, John Lewis & Clark Law School 2024-08-15
Ouellette, Alicia Lewis & Clark Law School 2025-01-01