Charleston School of Law

Web Address:
Phone Number: 843.377.2145
Address: 81 Mary Street
Charleston, SC 29403

Current Dean

Larry Cunningham
2020-06-30 to Current

Previous Deans (populated by deans in the database)

Maryann Jones
2014-11-13 to 2014-11-20
Andrew Abrams
2008-06-01 to 2020-06-30
Richard Gershon
2003-12-03 to 2007-12-31

Deans Who Attended Charleston School of Law

Year of Graduation
Richard Gershon
LL.D. (Honoris Causa)

Previous Deans
(information provided by Charleston School of Law)

Tenure as Dean
I. Richard Gershon
2003 - 2007

* Deceased

Additional Positions

Academic DeanMargaret M. Lawton, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Chair - Faculty Recruitment CommitteeMargaret M. Lawton, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs