Eugene R. Milhizer

Ave Maria School of Law

Name: Eugene R. Milhizer
Total Years as a dean: 5.34

Past Deanship

Ave Maria School of Law
2009-04-01 to 2014-06-30
Duration: 5.25 years
Ave Maria School of Law
2021-04-28 to 2021-06-01
Duration: 0.09 years

Post Employment

Law School Faculty, 2021
Dean Milhizer returned to the faculty in the summer of 2021 after serving as the dean and later the interim dean.

Law Degrees

LLM, First Honor Graduate, Judge Advocate General's School Legal Center & School, US Army (1998)
J.D., Michigan--University of Michigan Law School (1979)

Non-Law Degrees

B.A. (1976)