Jim Hilbert

Mitchell Hamline School of Law

Name: Jim Hilbert
Total Years as a dean: 0.70
Email: jim.hilbert@mitchellhamline.edu
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Biography/Resume Link: https://mitchellhamline.edu/biographies/person/jim-hilbert/
University Title: Interim President and Dean, Senior Fellow, Dispute Resolution Institute; Professor of Law
Previous Position: Administration--Law School:  Vice Dean
Subjects of Interest: Civil Rights, Litigation, International Business Transactions, Expert Witness Advocacy, Deals & Dispute Resolution, Transactions and Settlements

Current Deanship

Mitchell Hamline School of Law
2023-08-15 to 2024-04-24
Duration: 0.70 years

Law Degrees

J.D., Minnesota--University of Minnesota Law School

Non-Law Degrees

B.A., Carleton College